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Hello I'm Craig!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Full time Interaction Designer.
Keen web technologist.

Who am I?

UI & UX designer

I am a young creative with an honours degree in Digital Interaction Design.

I use my life experiences and education to design meaningful and memorable interactions for people from all walks of life across print, web and mobile technologies.

F is For...

University Honours Project

For my final year degree project I designed and coded an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) application geared towards hearing impaired users for iOS.

I involved users from the hearing and hearing impaired communities and through ethnographic research came to the conclusion that individuals who communicate primarily through signing have no way of venting their frustration aloud as others would.

What resulted was a working application (developed in javascript with Appcelerator's Titanium suite) which allows the user to run their finger across a swear word on screen, playing it out loud at an appropriate volume. By labouring their finger over a part of the word more emphasis would be placed on it's phonemes giving different sounds and uses.

'F is for...' Video

Degree Show

Exhibition / Print Design

As a way of showcasing our final year's work at University a Degree Show is organised every May.

We are encouraged as a year group to fund-raise, brainstorm, design, build and advertise for our own departmental Degree Show. I involved myself heavily across all of these aspects and enjoyed working in areas which I previously hadn't had much experience in such as curating an exhibition. Everything came together very well and praise was heaped on us for our original yet simple style.

Along with the usual postcards and business cards we decided to go out on a limb and put together a small book we could gift to visitors as a memento of our work and exhibition. I relished the shift from digital media to print and really enjoyed being able to roll out a visual style across all of our promotional material.

Degree Show Site

Standard Performance Accreditation Machine

Museum of Lost Interactions

Applying modern interactions to aging objects while making it appear as if they are still antique. Each year the 'Museum' has a theme. Our's was 'curious timepieces'.

I was part of a team with two others who decided to look at how workers time was monitored. We thought that this could prove to be an exciting and surprisingly dark area of research.

What we came up with became the Standard Performance Accreditation Machine. It was said to have been introduced in the sixties as a method of accrediting break time to administrative staff relative to how much typing they did.

It worked with an Arduino micro controller and piezo-electric motion sensor which would trigger when the keys were typed on. This fed pre-typed paper through a roller the length of which was said to determine break length.

MoLI website

New Designers

Exhibition / Print Design

After Degree Show we took our work to an exhibition in London called New Designers which acts as a showcase for graduate design talent from across the UK. Along with our book myself and my classmate Rory Colsell designed and developed an iPhone application called 'DIXD at New Designers 2011' which was a digital version of what was in the books, with the added bonuses of being able to email us, view our twitter feeds and folio websites all from within the app itself. The app was approved and went live on the App Store in the run up to the exhibition and proved to be hugely original and popular.

For my work on 'F is For...' I was short-listed for the Cyber Duck 'New Designers Associate Award for Best Interaction' along with a few of my classmates.